Our Services


Project Management

We are a practiced and a tested leader in project management solutions. Our mission is to be sure your projects are on time and on budget. Our success is a direct byproduct of the people who make up Obtainergy. Our staff is a carefully researched group of industry professionals who seek to take on construction challenges and skillfully execute their completions. 


Craft Labor Management and Training

As a knowledge-driven organization, Obtainergy is constantly developing new ways to manage craft labor and construction management on complex projects while maximizing quality and minimizing costs. We are safety orientated and have many offerings. 


Design and Drafting

Whether you're a small company trying to compete with large competitors or you're a leader in your market that needs assistance with overflow, you can count on Obtainergy. Call today about our on-premise and off-premise models. Obtainergy's work is produced to our own exacting standards in combination with standards specified by our clientele. Civil, piping, electrical, mechanical, environmental, manufacturing, structural, telecom, and GIS support represents the core of the services Obtainergy can provide.



Our team of experts streamlines your procurement needs, supplying what you need, when you need it. Our expertise is vast stretching from industrial equipment and machinery to custom fabrication. Because our network and partnerships across the country we have solidified our status as the center of choice to support and service your purchasing demands. Comprehensive procurement services, guaranteed to be accurate and on time.

  • Project Purchasing
  • Project Material Coordination
  • Material & Purchasing Audits
  • Air & Ocean Logistics
  • Export/Import Facilitation & Coordination
  • Warehouse Management
  • Expediting

Getting Started

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Yes, we are available via chat, email and phone. We have a dedicated line for emergencies as well.

Initial Consultation

A typical engagement begins with the client interview, conducted with the owner or key decision maker, to determine the enterprise requirements and definition of the scope of services to be delivered. The interview is designed to allow for both client and consultant to explore the overall situation in the business, and conduct a preliminary assessment of key areas on which to focus. 

We believe no matter the budget a timely response is a respectful one.

Now that we know more about you we can create a unique plan of action.  The client interview provides the basis for the consulting proposal. The proposal will cover the key areas of the work to be done including objectives to be accomplished, and results to be delivered. On every assignment, each client receives intense focus, superb problem solving techniques, and unbiased, objective counsel.